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Cold turkey

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Cold Turkey isn't just another browser extension that can easily be uninstalled. People use Cold Turkey because once you start a block, there's no turning back. By default, timers are locked until your timer is up and the weekly schedule can be locked until a certain time. Cold Turkey Writer - Cold Turkey Blocker v is - Support - Pricing page. "Cold turkey" refers to the abrupt cessation of a substance dependence and the resulting unpleasant experience, as opposed to gradually easing the process through reduction over time or by using replacement medication. Going cold turkey is opposed to stopping it by gradually doing it less and less, or stopping it with help like special gum or medicine. You don't get any help; you.

On the serious side, the phrase is often used when the quitting brings physical symptoms of withdrawal, as with heroin or other highly addictive drugs. However, it can also be used more lightheartedly, as in this recent Business Insider headline: "I was addicted to dating apps, so I quit cold turkey.". Smokers looking to quit as part of the annual Stoptober campaign are being warned not to go "cold turkey". Government health officials have. Dick Van Dyke in Cold Turkey () Cold Turkey () Bob Newhart in Cold Turkey () Cold Turkey () Dick Van Dyke and Pippa Scott in Cold Turkey .

cold turkey definition: 1. the period of extreme suffering that comes immediately after a person has stopped taking a drug on which they depend: 2. suddenly and . Cold turkey definition: Cold turkey is the unpleasant physical reaction that people experience when they suddenly | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. Cold-turkey definition, to withdraw from (an addictive substance or a habit) abruptly and completely. See more. Those who stop smoking cold turkey have less suffering, shorter chemical withdrawal, and the quickest adjustment toward again becoming comfortable as.



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