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Modifier and Type, Class and Description. static class, ZipArchiveOutputStream. UnicodeExtraFieldPolicy. enum that represents the possible policies for creating . static uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comeExtraFieldPolicy · NOT_ENCODEABLE. Create Unicode extra fields for filenames that cannot be encoded using the. The following method takes a byte[] as input, produces a zip and returns its content as another byte[]. All is done in memory. No IO operations.

Examples of ZipArchiveOutputStream. uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comers. uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comhiveOutputStream. Reimplementation of {@link The following are Jave code examples for showing how to use finish() of the org. uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comhiveOutputStream class. This page provides Java code examples for uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comss. uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comhiveOutputStream. The examples are extracted from open.

#ZipArchiveOutputStream( File-arg constructor}) -. * this mode is not valid when the output stream is not seekable. * and the uncompressed size is. This java examples will help you to understand the usage of uk-mobile-broadband-deals.comhiveOutputStream. These source code samples.



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